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Social Media Marketing

Subscription Starts from $250.00/month

We offer full service account management packages for all your social media platforms.

We not only handle creating the content and publishing it for the accounts, but we also monitor everything and ensure that no question or message gets left unanswered and no lead is left un-captured.

We build a community around your brand by interacting with your followers and letting them know there is a person behind the scenes taking care of them and serving them.

We make connections with your fans so that they have a memorable experience when they interact with your brand.

We use a personal strategic approach to creating the content for your brand and aim to provide value, education, inspiration to give people a reason to follow you.

After all, social media is your business being “social”… not just about selling.

How many accounts do you want us to manage?

*We will make up to 3 posts per week per social media account unless otherwise specified. We can not guarantee the amount of followers you may receive, we can only push the incentivized reasons as to why they should. Any and all imagery or personalized content should be provided by you, the client. All services are sold as is unless otherwise agreed upon. Any and all services and/or subscriptions may be cancelled at anytime. Please send us a message or log in to your account to cancel your subscription.